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Over Sytran
The leading supplier of language translation software

SYSTRAN is the market leading machine translation solutions provider. The company's advanced language translation software helps enterprises and individuals communicate more effectively in multiple languages.

SYSTRAN's software instantly translates text from and into 52 languages for individuals to understand and publish any type of information. Use of SYSTRAN products and solutions increases business productivity in enterprise collaboration, eCommerce, customer support, knowledge management, search, and other initiatives.

In 2009 SYSTRAN extended its position as the industry's leading innovator by introducing the first hybrid machine translation engine. This breakthrough combines the advantages of linguistic technology with statistical techniques so the software automatically learns from existing and validated translations. SYSTRAN's hybrid machine translation solution is easy and quick to customize. The self-learning techniques allow users to train the software to any specific domain or business objective to achieve cost-effective publishable quality translations.

For more than 40 years, SYSTRAN products and solutions continue to be the choice of leading global corporations (Symantec, Cisco, EADS), Internet portals and public agencies like the US Intelligence Community.